Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lost.. can we get it back?

We sometimes think about the lost time, lost opportunity and lost so many things and we think about what if we got an opportunity to reverse the things?
But can we? Recently i heard a beautiful song from movie, Sirf and it says that thing very simply and very innocently. I liked the lyrics and thats why i am putting them here and for those who can't understand hindi, please write a comment and i will try to convert it in to English. But a simple meaning of this is, i will hug my first love if got an chance... a beautiful song....

pehla Woh Pyaar Mil Jaaye Yaar - (2)
Gale Se Laga Lunga Main Use Agar Ek Mauka Jo De
Waqt Mudkar Mujhe Ek Mauka Jo De) - (2)

Phir Se Dilko Basake, Pyaar Se Ghar Saja Tu
Khushbu Se Yaar Ki Main Jindagi Mehka Du
Yaar Ko Pyaar Du, Khone Na Main Phirse Agar
Hey Ek Mauka Jo De, Waqt Mudkar Mujhe Ek Mauka Jo De

Hausalon Ko Jagaake, Mushkilon Ko Saja Du
Sapno Ko Phir Sajaake, Hey Raaston Se Mila Du
Manjilein Pa Lu Main, Har Ek Kadam Jo Phir Se Agar
He He He He Ek Mauka Jo De, Waqt Mudkar Mujhe Ek Mauka Jo De

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