Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Feather in the cap but media believed in the SLAP...

On 10th and 12th July, 2006, news around the world were like,
Key Indian satellite launch fails...
Indian satellite launch ends in disaster....

And today they read,

ISRO Successfully Launches Ten Satellites...
ISRO creates record with 10-satellite launch….
Indian rocket puts a record 10 satellites into orbit…
Indian Space scientists achieved another first with the launch of 10 Satellites ... satellite market and may grab a big pie in the satellite launch market. ...
India in multi-satellite launch. India successfully launches 10 satellites in a single mission, in a major boost to its capabilities in space. ...

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) added another feather to its cap on Monday by putting in orbit Cartosat-2A and delivered nine other satellites — the experimental Indian Mini Satellite IMS-1 and eight tiny commercial satellites — into a 637-km near-Earth orbit. Other Satellites include, the eight nanosats were built by universities in Canada, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Called NLS-4 (a cluster of six), NLS-5 and RUBIN-8, they together weigh 50 kg. ISRO’s commercial arm Antrix Corporation charged $600,000 (about Rs 2.4 crore) for their launch. Among the satellites were CUTE from Japan and RUBIN from Germany.

In its thirteenth flight conducted from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota, today (April 28, 2008), ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C9, successfully launched the 690 kg Indian remote sensing satellite CARTOSAT-2A, the 83 kg Indian Mini Satellite (IMS-1) and eight nanosatellites for international customers into a 637 km polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO). PSLV-C9 in its ‘core alone’ configuration launched ten satellites with a total weight of about 820 kg (a record in its own).

For those who are unaware of PSLV, This was the 12th consecutive and successive PSLV flight from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. The same PSLV is being used to loft the Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter mission later this year.

The record multiple launch of 10 satellites in one shot started at 9.20 a.m. and lasted around 20 minutes. It once again showcased ISRO’s space transportation capability in polar, 1,000-km distances aboard the PSLV launcher

Yesterday night, after reaching the home, Switched on the TV and told my friend for 5 minutes to see what media has to say on this Glorious moment of India(he was busy very busy watching cricket), The Moment which will make India glow in the so called, western dominated world in the field of Polar Launch Vehicles.

Switched between the 2-3 news channels and I was too much disappointed to see the headlines. Headlines started like, Bhajji got this many matches punishment, Bhajji will loose 3 crore of rupees, BCCI yet to decide on the punishment and what others have to say on this. Nearly this 4 items displayed in the headlines and then came, what was proud moment of India was, India Launched 10 Satellites today. News Media had so much time to show what a slap can do, but they have very less time for what this launch has done for India. They are worried about 3 crore loss of harbhajan over the slap issue, but see what India as a country has gained, Forex, Yes absolutely, Technology implementation, yes we have proved on 29th April by launching 10 satellites, and We have made a mark in the world that, Yes, we Indians can also do it. But No this was known to common Indian. I asked my room mate, see the news man, its glorious day for India and he was unaware of what the Glory India has achieved that day. No one around me knew, But yes, they knew, Harbhajan was fined. Media was interested in showing that clipping thousand times and instead stayed away from the what is really called as news of the day.

Its disappointment to see the media, highlighting non important issue over glory of India for the sake of Money, Entertainment, and news channel have forgot they are here to show news not the Entertainment. Please Please show some courtesy towards the great Indian brains to who decide to stay in India when there is air of Go West movement.

I was praying, please no similar incident on the news papers of tomorrow, and I glanced the TOI, Mumbai Edition, and I was happy to see, that it has posted that news in the headlines giving more space then the Bhajji case.

When Mr G. Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO, said, below line, sadly, no one from common India was there to listen to it,
"It is really a memorable moment. The mission was perfect and for the first time, 10 satellites were launched within one mission. We have set a record"

But one thing per sure, ISRO has made us Proud and I will proudly say, Indians dare to do when others even fear to Think. Kudos and Jai Hind.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lost.. can we get it back?

We sometimes think about the lost time, lost opportunity and lost so many things and we think about what if we got an opportunity to reverse the things?
But can we? Recently i heard a beautiful song from movie, Sirf and it says that thing very simply and very innocently. I liked the lyrics and thats why i am putting them here and for those who can't understand hindi, please write a comment and i will try to convert it in to English. But a simple meaning of this is, i will hug my first love if got an chance... a beautiful song....

pehla Woh Pyaar Mil Jaaye Yaar - (2)
Gale Se Laga Lunga Main Use Agar Ek Mauka Jo De
Waqt Mudkar Mujhe Ek Mauka Jo De) - (2)

Phir Se Dilko Basake, Pyaar Se Ghar Saja Tu
Khushbu Se Yaar Ki Main Jindagi Mehka Du
Yaar Ko Pyaar Du, Khone Na Main Phirse Agar
Hey Ek Mauka Jo De, Waqt Mudkar Mujhe Ek Mauka Jo De

Hausalon Ko Jagaake, Mushkilon Ko Saja Du
Sapno Ko Phir Sajaake, Hey Raaston Se Mila Du
Manjilein Pa Lu Main, Har Ek Kadam Jo Phir Se Agar
He He He He Ek Mauka Jo De, Waqt Mudkar Mujhe Ek Mauka Jo De

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

50 first dates

50 first dates? What should I say about it, imagine you are dating the same girl, taking her on date with you and each time you feel her its first date you are on. I had such memory from my past experience and I must say, it feels very nice. So about movie, is about same thing but a different angle given to it.

Henry(Adam Sandler) is the guy living in a so called zoo (an arctic marine life veterinarian) and his ambition is to go on voyage to Alaska to study the underwater life of walruses. He lives in Hawaii, having many one night affairs and avoiding commitment. One day when he goes to sea, his ship meets with an accident and he reaches near by town. He visits local cafe and he spots, Lucy (Drew Barrymore). When a cheerful and live to be free Lucy meets cute and witty Henry, greets with "aloha." Unfortunately, Henry soon comes to know that thanks to an unfortunate car accident, Lucy’s short-term memory portion of her brain is injured. While she remembers everything that happened before the accident, memories from everyday following are wiped out. In order to keep Lucy happy, her brother and father makes the day of the accident daily. Imagine to make the girl to fall in love with you each day and that’s what Henry does, he makes Lucy fall in love with him each day. Part of where Lucy's father repaints house each day, eat same cake each day and watch same soccer match each day, touches an emotional part of life. A beautifully covered part of life where you know some one loves you dearly. The brother, Doug, by Sean Astin and Lucy’s father, Marlin, by Blake Clark, creates a funny, full of humor and true family life. These are persons who really care about one another. In addition to having Lucy a new copy of the same Sunday paper everyday, Doug and Marlin wash the same pink tee and linen pants for Lucy to wear, re-play a soccer video and celebrate Marlin’s birthday every evening. Definitely chuckle-worthy is the scene in which Doug and Marlin are subjected for probably one of their 100th viewing of The Sixth Sense, a video Lucy bought her father for his birthday. Of course, Lucy is shocked at the surprise ending every time.

At the heart of this hopeless romance is a story about an unforgettable love that is worth remembering today and the day after that and the day after that...

It’s a sweet, sincere and a nice Romantic comedy. And I would definitely rate it 4.5 over rating of 5 and I loved it watching. I am sure you will like it to.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Artistically shot

Recent trip to Jim Corbett National Park was one of the journey's I would rate higher among my few journeys. Environment, weather and place I was staying simply stunning. I was showing attached pic to one of my friend (??, we just talked, never met) and she described it as "artistically shot". I was just thinking and thinking about this picture after it, I was sitting on a rock near river flowing and sun was setting. Guard told me to go back upstairs. While moving I saw water reflecting the golden sparks of sun. I stood there for a moment and thought, does each one's life going to set shine like the one sparking in the water.

Its result which we look at and never the shines which nature has to offer on the journey of life. We come across many such stunning scenes and just avoid and keep walking. I was studying the flow of water above, stones surrounding it and the way water flirted with my legs when I was in it. Different times, different views, doesn’t life acts the same way? We are different in morning, afternoon and eve. In start and dissolving of our lives and I think I am proud I am not same each day. Its learning each day and may be my each changes can be beauty for some one as water in the picture is artistically beautiful some one. I am glad I am able to change.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Movie Review : Sweet November

Sweet November release of 2001 and one of the movie which I watched recently and liked it. Story goes like this,

Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) knows only one thing in his life and that is work (he is in advertising, and I like the way he makes a "hot dog" presentation).

Sara Deever (Charlize Theron) is girl, not like a next door girl, but some one who loves to live her life at her own standards, believes in spreading good, fun and laughter, and looks very pretty.

They both met at driving test and because of Nelson, Sara is not allowed to complete the test. Next day, Sara tracks him down and just because of him; she is thrown out of test and thus could get the driving license. She asks him to drop her. Sara asks Nelson to be her latest "project" - she spends one month with a guy (each guy actually has to move in with her) and helps him to make positive changes. (*** I will love to meet some one here who lets me move in with her, of course for a month ***)

One of the quotes I like from this movie, when Nelson says to Sara,

"Try to be wrong once in a while. I'd do my ego good."

This movie can remind about slowing down and see the things in different perspective. Enjoying walk on beach, looking full moon, night at a garden, sitting by hand in hand, or a good shower together.

I liked this movie, a simple romantic plot. Theron is simply wonderful and Keanu delivers good. I think a great movie to watch for and I will rate this movie 4 on a scale of 5.