Monday, November 19, 2018


Memories? What are the memories exactly? 

It was a sunday evening and i happen to say to someone, there is memories and nothing else. They make you or break you.

While dwelling on this i read, 

It's difficult to be hungry cold lonely pained sad and unable to say it

Well is it? 

There are times which happened in past , for example school days - How were they? Do you remember anything that makes you cry? I guess not. Why? I feel while being in school only thing mattered was those small fights and homework and playing. Those things were done purely from heart but no mind. We didn't tried to store those memories in mind but we felt them. And when you just feel them without analyzing them - that's when you are happy content and also making memories those not make you cry but feel that happiness in heart.

Let's think about period after it or for some of people times when you started to analyse along with feeling something - how those memories live? 

I remember an incident from past - A girl purely thinking from heart, talking to her diary and waiting feeling about a boy she felt for. After 5 years, she gave her diary to that boy. What happened? Well first that boy - not in control of his words action and emotions - take it lightly - no heart involved and only mind - and didn't felt what she felt. What was wrong here? As I told many times and I believe in a person is never wrong - situation is. Here in this situation, mind of that boy acted alone while that girl acted with heart and things happened which should not. But after a while, now whenever he reads that diary, he thinks and feels. Time has changed for him but it has moved few years too.

Coming to actions where mind and heart both involved. That is when you create a memory which goes to stay alive in you. Memories i personally feel can't stay alive if you don't have heart who felt it and mind analyzing it. Again a incident i remember from someone  - this guy met a girl and fall for her. They met and spent some happy moments. That guy felt extremely happy and started to think more about her and tried to make her happy content and cheerful. What happened here? Guy felt so much for her and instead of expressing his feeling he clouded himself and thought (from mind) to get her what she desires. These went on and come a time when they distanced. Now these are memories which are written in that person - why? Because he just not felt it, he also used his mind thoughts to store them. When you store your feelings with your mind -boom..You made a memory and those are moments which live in you...Make you or break you. But remember those are memories - and those are moments you felt. And that is beauty of feeling when stored in your mind and felt in your heart.

Finally something I wrote before

It's difficult to be hungry cold lonely pained sad and unable to say it

What is this? This are the expectations. Are expectations bad? No. Definitely not. But then why they feel painful, hurt or occasionally gives us smile. Same thing applies i guess. Expectations are thought first and felt later. Where as beautiful memories i told about before are felt first thought about them later. When we think about something first - it many thing's which play part in them - society,, friends, Showoff's, many more materialistic things too. And then your feeling are dependent on those materialistic things. I can be wrong (and I know I will be) but expectations from mind without feeling them gives nothing but a sad time (not memory)

Enough of unwanted knowledge (gyan) -. But have those feeling felt first...How they translate in memories - well certainly a memory worth having.....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seven Ancient Wonders.. A book by Matthew Reilly

I never thought, this book will tie me with it for the whole weekend, ignoring all other tasks at hand...It got me so much involved that at times, it seriously makes me thing wonder whether this things really exist? All the locks, all the traps, all the ancient language, all the vast knowledge our ancestor possed...Amazing...Even if it’s a work of fiction, but resemblance to the current architecture is amazing.

Seven Ancient Wonders as the book is called, by Australian author Matthew Reilly, is truly a wonderful read. It talks about all seven ancient wonders, namely,

Great Pyramid of Giza
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Colossus of Rhodes
Lighthouse of Alexandria

The book travels through all this wonders and its main character of the novel, Jack West known as Huntsman as well, tries to capture the capstone which was a resident upon the summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza, now divided in to 7 parts by Alexander the Great with one piece in a booby-trapped hidden location within each of the seven wonders of the world, in other than the Pyramid. Story talks about, the capstone upon the summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza absorbed the energy released by the Tartarus Rotation (a monstrous sunspot that occurs every 4,000-4,500 years), and saved the earth from major flooding and catastrophic weather.

The book has various characters, which helps to regain this pieces together, before it falls in to so called super power countries of the world, as it can give undisputed power to the holding country...If and when they are reunited and replaced on the capstone during another solar event, they can bring 1,000 years of peace for world, or power for the nation which possesses them. It’s a cat, mouse and lion race between team of Europe (representing the Catholic Church) and the other is CIEF, the Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force (an American force covertly representing the power of the Freemasons). The third team is an alliance of a group of 'small nations' called the Alliance of Minnows (Canada, Australia, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Jamaica, New Zealand, and later Israel), led by Jack West.

This book also depicts in other ways like family ties, the upbringing of the Lily, the Oracle, who is instrumental in the solving the riddles the ancient language throws. I must say, this book had make me look at the wonders, monuments in a different note now. I will pay careful notice of all the notes which were made in this book if I ever visit those monuments. Riddles at the head of the Colossus of Rhodes or the Hamilcar's Refuge holding further 2 pieces, or beauty of the  Hanging Gardens of Babylon all I must say is described as it’s there in front of eyes. The trap solving technique and being thoughtful in the crisis all was worth time I invested the reading. 

One thing apart from the all the historical references, amazing world of traps and its solving, the ever knowledge world past possed, remains is a line from the book, "Who will watch your back??"

Now it’s time to go and get the sequel of this book, The Six Sacred Stones....Its reading time again folks....

Notting hill..You say it best when you say nothing at all....

When I first watched this beautiful piece directed by Roger Michell, and graced by versatile acting of the Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant, I didn't had words to describe its beauty. I happen to watch is again today and what a wonderful way to regain the life on my blog then this wonderful piece. This movie speaks a lot about the feeling or the love as it should be. Julia, depicted as an actress, happens to enter shop of the Hugh and there is beings its path. Crossing again, spitting juice on her, and offering her to change at her place then a wonderful kiss begins the plot of the love.

What I like most about the movie is way the high profile actress of high society meets a middle class, book shop owner and utters " I am just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her ", full points to the Richard Curtis who wrote the screen play. How can you miss this statement in the movie? Have I ever wondered, I am just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to love me? I am sure we all been through this and it’s a feeling which is not judged by words, but a poetry of movie which says " You say it best, when you say nothing at all"
File:NottingHillRobertsGrant.jpgIt’s not that difficult to be love, but its utter most difficult to get love in return. You might have spent hours talking, walks or lunch together.. Or to be good, movies or beach walks, but was that love? Movie says about it in a very nice poetry, written by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz, goes as follows,

It's amazing how you
Can speak right to my heart.
Without saying a word
You can light up the dark.
 Try as I may, I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing.

True, when in love you feel there is a communication direct to your heart, a word is not required to describe the feeling you got. Mere presence lights up the darkest days and brings cheer to the life. We may be never able to explain, what we heard when there was no word at all.. But it was best thing happened at time. Really beautiful.

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me.
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.
We shared that smile, we shared that walk, we shared those moments of caring, but what was that worth for? Was it worth anything? Poet jut puts it best here, when we met, we shared smile, the smile on your face told me, and you will need me for that smile. There was a twinkle in your eye, you will never leave me. Have you? And that hand when whispered to my hand, I knew it will hold me on the each turn of my life...And yes, you said it best when you said nothing at all.

All day long I can hear
People talking out loud (oooh).
But when you hold me near (you hold me near)
You drown out the crowd (the crowd, the crowd).
 Try as they may, they can never define
What's been said between your heart and mine.

The place, the crowd or the running noise of vehicle, nothing bothered, people talking around, did we got disturbed? We didn’ was like we lost in our own world, and that moment, when I sat next to you...It meant world, it means still a moment of the life worth living for...Neither I was able to define that moment, nor anything else. The sun setting... that trees at the far, urge to hold and be there...but all it was shared between your heart and mine...Just ours...Beautiful poetry isn’t it? 

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me.
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall.
'Cause you say it best (you say it best) when you say nothing at all.
(You say it best when you say nothing at all.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.)
That smile on your face,
The truth in your eyes,
The touch of your hand
Lets me know that you need me.
(You say it best when you say nothing at all.
You say it best when you say nothing at all.)
The smile on your face,
The look in your eyes,
The touch of your hand
Lets me know that you need me.

One final thing which i must note from movie, 

"For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her." Some people do spend their whole lives together."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ekla Chalo Re - By Legendary Mr. Rabindranath Tagore

I want to write about the beautiful poetry by RabindranathTagore "Ekla Chalo Re" but before I do that, it would be inappropriate if I didn’t write, How grateful our literature is because of compositions by him. Writer of Gitanjali, (also known as "An offering of songs"), and winner of The Nobel Prize in Literature (the first non-European to win it) is simple remarkable in the all on his work. I just want to salute this great poet and artist.

So now back to the poem which I keep listening (even now when I am writing this), "Ekla Chalo Re" (Check out this on Youtube).
Jodi tor daak shune keu naa ashe tobe ekla cholo re
Tobe ekla cholo, ekla cholo, ekla cholo, ekla cholo re
(If they answer not to thy call walk alone,)
Did he mean walk ALONE? What I guess from these lines, he poured the entire world of wisdom in this single line of verse. He didn’t mean walk alone. I feel, he wanted to say, Even if no one understands you, even if no one listens to your Noble (yes, noble cause) words, don’t be afraid and walk alone. I always thought, we are so much afraid to express our opinions, our views that it almost dies each day in us, and here our greatest poet giving us strength to tell don’t be afraid, don’t fell alone, because you have YOURSELF with you, so walk... walk alone with yourself. But Make sure you take a step.... (from where a journey will begin)
Jodi keu kothaa naa koye, ore ore o abhaagaa, keu kothaa na koye
Jodi shobai thaake mukh phiraaye shobai kore bhoye
Tobe poraan khule o tui mukh phute tor moner kothaa, eklaa bolo re
(If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall, O thou unlucky one, open thy mind and speak out alone.)
Again this verse beautifully portrays the freedom, right to FREEDOM SPEECH, in his own expressive and lucid words. He wants people to walk if no one supports him or he says, those unlucky ones who are not with you in your right way, you still Express. How does it signify today? Infect, its true
and on the target even today, we want support around us, if want to say something, we will go and ask hundred people do you think its right? We take people's judgement over matter we know in heart is right. And finally we sink our judgement, So that what I guess he is trying to say, be true to yourself and express even if no one listens to you, if no one supports you, walk in your own company. 
Jodi shobai phire jaaye, ore ore o abhaagaa, shobai phire jaaye
Jodi gohana pothe jaabaara kaale keu phire naa chaaye
Tobe pothera kaantaa o tui rokto maakhaa choronatole eklaa dolo re
(If they turn away, and desert you when crossing the wilderness, O thou unlucky one, trample the thorns under thy tread, and along the blood-lined track travel alone.)
Isn’t very true in today’s world? We at times, feel deserted, we feel are alone in the wild race of success, wild race of power and struggle, we forget WHO we REALLY ARE. At that times, instead of surrender to the blood sucking animals (cruel, jealous or unloyal people I mean) we should tread our path. Because if we know we are right, and true in our self, what’s wrong in the walking the path which no one has taken before? Just believe and walk. That’s where Rabindranath Tagore has shown skill of leadership and told to bear the torch in dark and walk on the path which will be difficult but will lead to success. 
Jodi aalo naa dhore, ore ore o abhaagaa, aalo na dhore
Jodi jhora-baadole aadhaara raate duyaara deye ghore
Tobe bajraanole aapon bukera paajora jaaliye niye ekalaa jolo re
(If they do not hold up the light when the night is troubled with storm, O thou unlucky one, with the thunder flame of pain ignite thy own heart and let it burn alone.) 
Again marvel worlds by him. Here as we all know, diamond is produced buy pressure and hundreds of years of heat. So how come we can get the purity by not burning our self and being feel how pain is? I understand from this lines is, we should be not be afraid of falling and failing. we should be not being afraid to burn our self in the process to get and achieve what we want, even if we are alone. 
Doesn’t this poem also can be counted as one of the great poem which teaches us the wisdom of leadership, lets us know that we can be wrong, but not to stop trying?  It teaches us that we are who we are, and that’s where we can burn our self, believe in our self and in the end, being honest and being faithful will make us winner. Quite interesting to note that this poem might be result of India’s struggle of freedom? Wonderfully written poem and no wonder, I am addicted to it.
And lastly a quote from Rabindranath Tagore which reflects a reflexion of this poem, 
"What I could not see did not take me long to get over—what I did see was quite enough. There was no servant rule, and the only ring which encircled me was the blue of the horizon, drawn around these solitudes by their presiding goddess. Within this I was free to move about as I chose."

Two different life

Its different sun rise each day. Its different walk on the streets each day. We meet, we rejoice yet are not living the life we want to. Its said in one of the movie, there is a field between right doing and wrong doing. There is a space between right and wrong. There is life behind the face we wear. There exists a human being behind the walk of life.

What makes people live two different life? I ask you WHAT? I am not sure what I can write about it, but I know one thing that there is lot of differnt in way we potray ourself in world, and way we potray ourself in mirror.

This is world of competition, a poor kid gets screwed in the jaws of the world. Someone wants to do other than being a doctor or engineer then thats a Sin. What the world is going to do with so many doctors and engineers? What a person will do if thats not done with all his or her heart?

There are people you will find walking on the street you take walk on, in the same train you travel in or in the same bus you run to catch, who will be thinking how to spend some more time out. We have lived a different life for so long than we forgot who we actually are. We wanted to be a writer, or a photgrapher, or a teacher or nothing but a philantraphist. But what we actually became? We became a puppet of the world. We fulfill the destiny of the path designed for us, but not something which we consturcted. Whom to blame? Honestly no one. Its US or we who has to be blamed. We didnt stood for our rights when we had to. We didnt stood for the craving we had in our heart and accpeted what was given to us. We had fear of loosing a dear or near one. We were afraid of our decision might hurt someone so we accepted the thrones in our path. So what is that we can do. Nothing?

Not Nothing, I am trying to build a society of our own. Lets discuss how we are living two differnt life, how each day we wear two different mask in our walk of life. Lets not take or write any name but lets spend a time talking or writing and it will make us belive that there is someone in the web world, who might understand the two differnt life someone living. I will hear you, I will write your part here without any names and You will be yourself, what you always wanted to be.

Lets make a community where we can live and talk as we always wanted to be. Its a challenge, a risk one has to take. Its effort which will needed from you, me and others to write and talk to. We will make this community where difference will be appreciated. Out of box thinking will be respected, and we will tell world, Lets not have anyone living two differnt life, because It Hurts. Let each decide what life one wants to live. And even if one person decides to live life in his or her own way by any small means of our story or effort we are taking, we will be happy.

Friends, i dont know how long i will take for first response to this, but I will keep writing about people i know who live two different life, who has shared their dreams and hopes, and I will wait for world to write their own tow differnt life part, and if we can make a slightest change in some one to live only one life as required, we have done our part. Lets make a effort stop two different life part, and Lets make it together friends.

Please write to me about what is your two different life is all about and we will become one community where there will life as we always wanted to be. I promise to not to share your names or details, and we will be a point to share or write our part. Lets make it happen.

(from :

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We complicate things, when its really quite simple And letting Go...

It’s a small world and we are bound to meet some where again....Is it right, true? Well, in this world of more than 7 billion people out of which more than 2 billion in India and China alone, where we are bound to meet? Well I m not sure where... but yes we do meet at the crossroads. I can tell this from my own experience....

"We complicate things, when it’s really quite simple"

I know a incident of a friend where which goes back to the 6 years back, where he met a girl for the arrange marriage and it was nothing sort of a walk at one evening in someone else's wedding...And that typical gamadinan, that what she calls herself, they met, talked and then parted ways as something didn’t clicked for marriage. One fine morning at railway station, he was hurrying to catch a local train, and he saw the girl coming from opposite direction and that where music was coming to his ears, and as destiny might have planned they met again. He told me once after that,

"We complicate things, when it’s really quite simple"
I happen to ask why, and there comes the reply, he liked the girl, things were suppose to go fine between them, and something simple which was due to happen got complicated due to the things that followed. And I left the talk there, as I can see him getting emotional.

But looking at the quote which I am writing for now, isn’t it true that we complicate things when it’s so simple? Sometimes things are so easy, almost simple, and we somehow make things harder than they are. We add feelings

where they don’t exist, we try to have the links set up long before, we know someone we are talking to, is just for today or gonna long last. I would say, go out, know someone for the pure pleasure of understanding and value your differences with them, know them, try to understand, but don’t make a conclusion or leave too early.

Another thing is to let go and it’s a simple thing, but we make it complicated...We met many people, we cherish the moment we live in, but at the crossroads of life, we have to let them go, or we have to go..We can’t stop them, or we can’t stop. I came cross another quote on let go that,

Letting go is come to the realization that some people are, a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.

It’s again a simple thing, but we make it complicated.

We’ve been blessed with so many friends over and over again. And we as human beings experience or encounter relationships here and there. It is part of deep inside us. We need friends, pals, relationships – it is our manufacture design to feel or desire such. How can we let go of a relationship that we have been blessed with? Renew your mind. Always remember that God gives us blessings for a purpose – to bless others with it. If the relationship is not pleasing to God anymore, and if you yourself are not blessed with what is happening, then it’s time to search your heart with where you stand in the relationship. Check your grip. Are you holding on too tightly? It is not easy to know these things. We need the discernment and wisdom of God. We need to give Him time to tell us this. Often, we are blinded with emotions in this aspect and we need the help of other people whom we can trust and to who we can be accountable with. Ask them for advice. Humble yourself and know that you need it. (This para from Ref: )

Some of us just don’t like to fail – if we say we’re going to deliver, if we take a marriage vow, sign up for a deadline, have ethics that are all about family or mateship, have strong religious or spiritual beliefs, made a public proclamation about a certain thing, have other people telling us that this is what we need, then we may hold onto a person or situation longer than we should. Sometimes we are spending our lives thinking about everyone else; not wanting to let people down, wanting THEM to be happy even if we must sacrifice something or all of ourselves to do that. Perhaps we have been raised to see this as worthy behavior, or the way to be lovable – earning love through good deeds and sacrifice.

Sometimes we’ve let something define us for so long that we no longer know who we are without that thing in our life. Even if it’s killing us or making us miserable. Sometimes we let our heart rule our head. Sometimes we let our head rule our heart.

And it’s not making us feel good. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Or maybe we are afraid. Afraid that if we let go nothing will ever come to replace it. Afraid that people will judge us or turn away from us, or leave us. Afraid that if we let go, the thing might suddenly come good, and all our struggle will have been worth it.

Sometimes we think we don’t deserve any better. So how do we know when we need to let go? When duty is the only thing that drives us and all the joy has faded from our lives. When we’ve forgotten the reason we signed up for this in the first place. When we’ve become indifferent to life, our relationship, this thing… When our health is in tatters, when the person in the mirror is a stranger, when our finances are in ruins, when we’re choking down anger and resentment on a daily basis, when we are no longer a person we like or believe in, when we’ve lost ourselves, it’s time to let go. It’s the thing that helps mothers lift a car to release their trapped child. It’s the voice inside you that tells you to call someone, or turn up at their house, or dash into a burning building. It’s the conviction that helps you stand by someone when you believe in a better outcome for them but they are in a place where they can’t yet see it for themselves. That’s the energy of Love. There is something within us that will not give up the fight, something within us that KNOWS we can do it, that we will do it. That we would rather do this and die trying than to walk away. This is a feeling of being energized, vital, alive, and burning with a seering focus. (

How are you feeling? Make a decision. Trust.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food with love...

I was having a conversation with a stranger in the train on my way to home in weekend. She was a management trainee with a reputed bank. We were discussing about food and then topic turned to the quality and taste of food, and how she hated to eat each day at the same place. I told her about my experiments with the food and my life at hostel in Pune.

And once I got down at station and reached home, I was chewing this topic for a while. Over dinner my mom gave me simplest dish ever possible I guess other than maggi, buttermilk with some spices and simple wheat bread.

What was in that made it taste great, and over the year never make me tired to eat it? After a thoughtful time with this thought, I have discovered that it taste good because she make it with all her heart. A mother when cooks, puts her heart in to the cooking, an outside thought, anger never reaches her hands which makes food.

If you ever feel the taste of the food is not good, something missing in taste than it’s possible that there is something which is troubling our mom. And that’s the indication which tells us, go and speak to her. Comfort her. I have been noticing this over past few years that taste in the food is unchanged, but never made me bore to eat it. And on rare occasion I found something missing in it, and when I did found missing, I knew she was worried because of reasons, like me going to hostel or some house matters troubling her, but apart from that, her love which flowed in food made it taste of the life.

It’s not just the taste at home by mom, but if you notice in outside food even it play an important part. I know a street vendor who sells such items, and he always wears a smile and cooks with the enthu and care for people coming to eat. And one day he was irritated and that reflected in the taste of food. I am sure, things we do with love; care always finds its way to tell the person that it’s made with care and love.

It always leaves an impression, and it makes us believe even objects pass on the feelings, though without words but they speak.