Friday, September 28, 2007

One Evening walk @ FC Road, Pune

I remember coming across a beautiful scene which touched my heart and made my belief on Humanitarian (hope its not too much big word) stronger. Scene goes like this, i used to stay in a hostel @ Pune and each Sunday evening hostel mess was closed and we have to go out for the food. It was a rainy Sunday evening and it was raining heavily. We reached the start of the FC road towards Deccan and we were walking casually... i reached near Flower Shop near Cafe Coffee Day, whose owner knew me by face and when ever i pass by him, he smiles at me...We didn't knew each other (its just that i used to go and buy flowers from him for any occasions in my college) and still we used to smile at each other, that's what proves, Smile is a universal language.

At some distance near a ice-cream store i saw two young children, about 6 to 7 yrs of age, who were begging for the money from passer by...Raining was a bit slower when i saw them and i felt pity on them, i thought to give them something. But before i reach near them, i saw a beautiful girl going to them, holding them by hand and taking them to that ice-cream store. She bought 2 packets of wafers and gave it to them. And she was about to go but at the same time she asked them,"What you will drink after eating this?" and she went back to the shop again and bought a bottle of water and gave it to them.

I was just looking at this beautiful scene and people with me walked ahead of me, without realising i am not with them... i am still at the ice-cream shop...may be i was still in the event that just occurred in front of me. I am sure for someone this thought will be what so great about it but i am even sure for someone its one of the most beautiful smile they can ever see.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love found and Lost @ Rainy Mumbai Day....

It was one of rainy evening of Mumbai... and as everyone knows Mumbai rain, it loves to pour in like a love which grows in heart, like diligent heat.... Rain is mumbai just awesome....

So i am talking about the love that was found and lost on the same day same time. Rahul was walking along the road and thinking about his best friend who used to be with him over the years, on the phone, on the weekend meets, at the movies, in his dreams and may be at that moment with him at the road where he was walking. He was excited as he was going for a movie with her next day.

On the next day, he had a nice movie with her and started to walk past the busy roads like they were walking on the paths in garden... busy in talking about life, work and themselves. Occassionaly holding hand...They reached the near the home of the girl and it was just that her home was on next corner, Rahul held her by hand and looked straight in her eyes, rain pouring on her face, her lips wet by rain, a scenic view from her eyes, a heavy breathing and said, "I Love You"...Seema was shocked... She didnt belived what Rahul said...But once she was sure that, Rahul was not joking, she was in stateless mind. Rain was pouring heavily and they were standing in the rain. Seema turned around, looked back her home and said to Rahul, Thanks for Everything and left... Left on a note to not see Rahul again.

It was good that Rain was raining that as it didnt displayed what was actual scene. Seema loved Rahul so much but problem was she can't stay with him. Tears flooded in the tears of Seema, she thought but Rain made it invisible to Rahul but the drops which fall on the Rahul hands were not silent. And tears of Rahul never came out...This reminds me a quote which I read somewhere "I always like to walk in the rain as it hides the tears flowing from the eyes". There was too much love in both of them but just the stranger was Rain. Rain made it visible thing invisbile but in heart they knew... It was Love Lost and Found…

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are we united in the India....Straight from 20-20 Final

Whole India was eyeing the television screens.... People praying for the history to repeat after the 24 years. Second last over of the IndiaVs Pakistan 20-20 Finale and straight from Johannesburg... Yes I am talking about the history which repeated it self yesterday.

Final over, J.Sharma bowled and to the luck of the India and prayers of all the Indians match turned our way... Yes we won Marginally with the Pakistan (well.. a win is a win ) and prizes flooded for the team... 3M$ for the Indian team, 1 CR for Yuvraj with a 911 Porche and imagine now he will be looking like real king in the Porche.... and its good that Mr.Powar didn't forgot the support staff and declared 15L for them too.... But what happened next.... A question came to my mind after i read about, Karnataka government declaring the prize for the Uthappa and V. Prasad.

if people have watched the movie Chak De... they will come to know what it means... We Indians talk about we are united, we are one... Then WHY PRIZE FOR Uthappa and Prasad only??? Others are not from India....

I just want to highlight one thing here, if we really want to call ourselves don't do such things.. If you feel happy reward all the people and not who are from your state, When there is talk about Country, forget about States.

I don't want to start a controversy here but its just what felt to start of my blog....