Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are we united in the India....Straight from 20-20 Final

Whole India was eyeing the television screens.... People praying for the history to repeat after the 24 years. Second last over of the IndiaVs Pakistan 20-20 Finale and straight from Johannesburg... Yes I am talking about the history which repeated it self yesterday.

Final over, J.Sharma bowled and to the luck of the India and prayers of all the Indians match turned our way... Yes we won Marginally with the Pakistan (well.. a win is a win ) and prizes flooded for the team... 3M$ for the Indian team, 1 CR for Yuvraj with a 911 Porche and imagine now he will be looking like real king in the Porche.... and its good that Mr.Powar didn't forgot the support staff and declared 15L for them too.... But what happened next.... A question came to my mind after i read about, Karnataka government declaring the prize for the Uthappa and V. Prasad.

if people have watched the movie Chak De... they will come to know what it means... We Indians talk about we are united, we are one... Then WHY PRIZE FOR Uthappa and Prasad only??? Others are not from India....

I just want to highlight one thing here, if we really want to call ourselves don't do such things.. If you feel happy reward all the people and not who are from your state, When there is talk about Country, forget about States.

I don't want to start a controversy here but its just what felt to start of my blog....

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