Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Artistically shot

Recent trip to Jim Corbett National Park was one of the journey's I would rate higher among my few journeys. Environment, weather and place I was staying simply stunning. I was showing attached pic to one of my friend (??, we just talked, never met) and she described it as "artistically shot". I was just thinking and thinking about this picture after it, I was sitting on a rock near river flowing and sun was setting. Guard told me to go back upstairs. While moving I saw water reflecting the golden sparks of sun. I stood there for a moment and thought, does each one's life going to set shine like the one sparking in the water.

Its result which we look at and never the shines which nature has to offer on the journey of life. We come across many such stunning scenes and just avoid and keep walking. I was studying the flow of water above, stones surrounding it and the way water flirted with my legs when I was in it. Different times, different views, doesn’t life acts the same way? We are different in morning, afternoon and eve. In start and dissolving of our lives and I think I am proud I am not same each day. Its learning each day and may be my each changes can be beauty for some one as water in the picture is artistically beautiful some one. I am glad I am able to change.

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