Wednesday, April 9, 2008

50 first dates

50 first dates? What should I say about it, imagine you are dating the same girl, taking her on date with you and each time you feel her its first date you are on. I had such memory from my past experience and I must say, it feels very nice. So about movie, is about same thing but a different angle given to it.

Henry(Adam Sandler) is the guy living in a so called zoo (an arctic marine life veterinarian) and his ambition is to go on voyage to Alaska to study the underwater life of walruses. He lives in Hawaii, having many one night affairs and avoiding commitment. One day when he goes to sea, his ship meets with an accident and he reaches near by town. He visits local cafe and he spots, Lucy (Drew Barrymore). When a cheerful and live to be free Lucy meets cute and witty Henry, greets with "aloha." Unfortunately, Henry soon comes to know that thanks to an unfortunate car accident, Lucy’s short-term memory portion of her brain is injured. While she remembers everything that happened before the accident, memories from everyday following are wiped out. In order to keep Lucy happy, her brother and father makes the day of the accident daily. Imagine to make the girl to fall in love with you each day and that’s what Henry does, he makes Lucy fall in love with him each day. Part of where Lucy's father repaints house each day, eat same cake each day and watch same soccer match each day, touches an emotional part of life. A beautifully covered part of life where you know some one loves you dearly. The brother, Doug, by Sean Astin and Lucy’s father, Marlin, by Blake Clark, creates a funny, full of humor and true family life. These are persons who really care about one another. In addition to having Lucy a new copy of the same Sunday paper everyday, Doug and Marlin wash the same pink tee and linen pants for Lucy to wear, re-play a soccer video and celebrate Marlin’s birthday every evening. Definitely chuckle-worthy is the scene in which Doug and Marlin are subjected for probably one of their 100th viewing of The Sixth Sense, a video Lucy bought her father for his birthday. Of course, Lucy is shocked at the surprise ending every time.

At the heart of this hopeless romance is a story about an unforgettable love that is worth remembering today and the day after that and the day after that...

It’s a sweet, sincere and a nice Romantic comedy. And I would definitely rate it 4.5 over rating of 5 and I loved it watching. I am sure you will like it to.


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patrick said...

50 First Dates was a genius chick flick; awesome scenery too, made me want to live in Hawaii