Monday, August 4, 2008

Quote of the day : Pure Heart

Quote on Image :

A pure heart is all that one needs to perform good deeds

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Anonymous said...

Please Sunil,
Do you know what this structure is? And where it is located?
Your friend in Alaska.

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Hello My friend in Alaska,

This architecture is situated in the Delhi, India and its called as Lotus Temple. Something similar structure you will find in Australia.

It belongs to Bishnoi Community (i hope i remember it correctly) and if you want to visit in India.. dont worry i am here

Anonymous said...

hey nice place,,,again r choic matchd sunil its v.v.vgud plac n mostli during d pray tim d peace v get is xtreamli awsm na

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Yeah The place is extremely pleasant, nice and cool. I liked the peace which i felt when was in it. For a moment i thought to become a member of this and yet i am keeping my options open. Its real awesome place

Mamta said...

"Lotus temple - Bahai Temple"

Located in Nehru Place, New Delhi

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Thanks a ton Mamta for reminding. it belongs to Bahai community. I really appreciate your time to post this.

sheikh said...