Thursday, August 14, 2008

Independence Day


Wish you all a very Independence Day. You may be from any country, any place but all the people deserves a independence and I wish you all get the freedom you want.


shadab said...

Wishing all of you a very "Happy Indepedence Day". A day that give us the rememberece that we are free. Let's come and share the pride of to be an Indian.

Anonymous said...

wishing u a v. hapi independence day sunil,,ur fnd sweetdentist

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Thanks Shadab and Sweetdentist. I really appreciate your time for posting comments.
I dont think we need a day to feel we are free. We are actually free and yeah its good share the pride of being an Indian. I guess each person feels the same for his or her own country.

Happy independence day to both of you. Thanks.

ishu said...

i love my india and we all should proud to be an indian.lets celebrate the independance day just like ur birthday.As its the birthday of our country.

lets do one thing change any of ur habit today which hurts others.if you all will do i will be thankful to u all.



Anonymous said...

hai friends for our indpendnce day we should not enjoy this day the meaningof this day is to rmember all our freedom fighters and we should praise them because without thm we would not have this freedomso think of thm ..........
jai hind


Thanks. This day reminds that what we are today - HAPPY & INDEPENDENT, living our life with our own way is only because of the people who fought for us,dedicated their life for freedom,and in giving us freedom gave their lives. I SALUTE THEM.WE SHOULD REMEMBER THEM NOT ONLY TODAY BUT ALWAYS,IN TIMES OF OUR HAPPINESS, IN TIMES OF OUR SORROW, AND HELP OUR COUNTRY IN MAKING IT A DEVELOPED COUNTRY, WE SHOULD NOT FIGHT FOR OUR OWN NEEDS, BUT FIGHT FOR THE GOODNESS OF OUR COUNTRY. JAI HIND.

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Thanks all of you for time to leave the comments and time to visit the blog. It shows all care of the independence in one way or other.

you correctly said, we should change the habbit of hurting others and independence as per me is birthday of country but we should think to celebrate it in a way that how we can be of use to our country.

We do need to think of our freedom fighters and now our Army ppl who stand day and night for our peaceful sleep. Think how we can make our country a better place to live,

Yeah it reminds us that we are free and happy. And i liked the way you saidWE SHOULD NOT FIGHT FOR OUR OWN NEEDS, BUT FIGHT FOR THE GOODNESS OF OUR COUNTRY.

Kudos to all and thanks for your time once again