Friday, August 29, 2008

Movie Review : Rock On...

Rock On.... Life doesn’t give every one a second chance.....

A refreshing movie which I guess we rarely see in our bollywood cinema. The story line of the movie is simple and with great acting from Arjun Ramgopal as "Joe Mascarenhas", Farhan Akhtar as "Aditya Shroff", Purab Kohli as "KD" Killer drummer, Luke Kenny as "Rob "Prachi Desai as "Sakshi", Shahana Goswami as "Debbie".

I knew this is going to be a great movie and it went perfectly as per my expectations. Movie starts with the 4 guys, may be in early 20s trying to set up a band, A ROCK BAND... All guys with great skills, KD - Drummer, Joe - Guitarist, Rob on Keyboard and Aditya - the poet. They start and share a great chemistry. Music flows on and they get chance to perform in a competition. A beautiful and mind blowing performance by all of 4 there and as its movie for their band "Magik" they win the competition and a contract of a video. But destiny has something else planned and it doesn’t go as expected. Life moves on and all are now busy in the work, KD in his fathers business, Aditya started smoking, and a big man in Investment banking division, Rob still on keyboard with Anu Malik. And Joe... trying to finding meaning to his life, and only meaning he has is the Music.

There are some really nice scenes which makes us think are we doing what we really love? When we start to grow up, the inner feeling loses its voice; we are no longer able to do what we loved... AS correctly said in the MOVIE: ACCEPTED, the real crime is to kill the passion in ourself and we start doing that. Aditya (Farhan) who is successful businessman is living with his wife and leaving his life. They both seem to be stranger in the one house. They have same postal address but they are very far from each other. He is in his work and only thing he thinks is work, nothing else and that’s it. Sakshi(prachi) tries to come close but instead distance grows. Aditya is running from the life, music and his past.

Put your hands together for one of the finest films of our times. Put your hands together for a director who pulls off a challenging subject with élan. Put your hands together for the actors who pitch in superlative performances.

Rock On!! is not just about music. It's about relationships. And relationships can get really complicated and messy as all of us would agree. Rock On!! captures it so beautifully, so sensitively, so effectively on celluloid.

Everything is in sync here, everything is just perfect. Flaws? Perhaps, the slow pacing. But come to think of it, you can't play with the edit in a film like this.

Rock On!! also works because you can relate to the characters, you can relate to the moods, the egos, the highs and the lows...

In a nutshell, here's a film you just can't afford to miss. We've had our share of masala films week after week. Now have a look at a film that India can proudly showcase to the West. Rock On!! simply rocks!

Joe (Arjun) is teaching the kids guitar and his wife Debbie who is good as fashion is in the family fish business. He has to listen to the argument of his wife. She tells him to compromise, as she wanted to be a fashion designer and instead is handing the business where it’s still the fish smell in her hands. Joe, with an attitude and passion for music is not able to do anything else but just music.

KD, Killer Drummer (Purab) is in family business and is still in touch with all the friends. He has music living in the heart but which doesn’t surface it.

ROB (Luke), keyboard player with a music director and still dreaming to have a performance with the Magik. He wants to live for the moment and that’s what he is wishing for.

Sakshi, a pregnant lady and stressed wife. She is so near but so far from her husband and they are like two polls of magnet. She is the one who I guess is responsible to give "A second chance of Life to all of the four above"

Debbie, A fashion designer now designing the smell of the Fish and packaging for them. Dreams are buried alive and conversation with the Aditya is something touchy.

So all are away but meets once again and what happens is Rock On. A beautiful movie with the beautiful songs, story, picturization, characters, and I guess there is no time to get bore.

Please guys spare a moment and watch "Rock On".

My verdict 4out of 5 and a must watch. I have request one of my friend to watch movie with me and I hope we are able to watch it together. If you really want to see a good movie, "ROck On" is your answer.
And for underlining life's two key themes: One, that “the journey is more important than the destination”; and two, as Aditya says to his wife: “Compromise toh karna padhta hai”

About music of the movie:

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy may hit the bull's eye with this energetic and spirited album. Comprising nine tracks, the album has wonderful lyrics that have been appropriately composed and incredibly rendered by Farhan Akhtar, marking his debut as a singer.

The title song "Rock on" is one of those blessed by Farhan's vocals. With a heavy base and electric guitar strumming, the number has been well composed.

There are a couple of things that stand out in this album and make the difference - Farhan's fresh voice, Javed Akhtar's trendy lyrics and the composers' innovativeness. The album will set the cash registers ringing for sure


Anonymous said...

the movie is very gud, farhan is superb nd arjun rampal is my fav. actor so i am very thankful to farhan for showing wat he can do,i think this is the best movie of arjun rampal

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Thanks Anonymous. Yeah its great movie and since i watched movie on preview before its release, i really loved what movie has to offer and thus wrote this post so that many people doesnt miss such a nice movie

Anonymous said...

i used to like farhan voice alot but my fren they didnt but after the movie they are all speechless,rock on is very gud movie nd its more than i expected,i m luking forward to c more of kind

Sunil Mandaliya said...

Yeah Farhan, sang the songs really great and definately ppl are looking for more of the kind. Each one in the movie was simply great