Monday, July 7, 2008


The Number 7 has for ages been regarded as the Number of mystery relating to the spiritual side of things,
the seven, whenever mentioned, always stands in relation to the spiritual or mysterious God force, and has a curious significance in this sense whenever employed.
For a few instances of this, take the seven days (or cycles) of the creation as referred to in Genesis:

The seven heavens, so often referred to.
The seven thrones.
The seven seals.
The seven churches.
The seven Devas of the Hindus' Bible.
The seven Angels of the Chaldeans.
The seven Amschaspands of Persian faith.
The seven Sephiroth of the Hebrew Cabala.
The seven Archangels of Revelation, etc. etc.

7 is a Prime Number.

7 is a Mersenne Number.

7 is an Octahedral Number.

7 is a Lucas Number.

7 is a Centered Hexagonal Number.

7 is a Heptagonal Number.

7 is a Hexagonal Pyramidal Number.

7 is the maximal number of regions into which 3 lines divide a plane.

The 7 colors of the rainbow.

The 7 double letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

The 7 classical planets.

Seventh heaven is the farthest of the concentric spheres containing the stars in the Moslem and cabalist systems.

Seven is the maximum number of eclipses of the Sun and Moon that can occur in any one year.

The 7 directions: north, south, east, west, up, down and the center.

In almost every system of antiquity there are frequent references to the number seven.

There are seven visible planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Each one rules a day of the week (Sun=Sunday, Saturn= Saturday, Moon=Monday, etc.) and that is where the seven day week came from. Each one is supposed to have a particular virtue or power.

7 is the number of fortunate people to get birth on..

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