Monday, July 14, 2008

Movie Review : Hancock

Hancock.. A new Superhero..A new tough guy.. And someone in love again. His powers include flight, invulnerability, fantastic physical strength and extreme longevity.

There are heroes… there are superheroes… and then there’s Hancock (Will Smith).
Hancock is a story of Hancock, a drunk, a super-hero who is staying in the LA to save the people out of trouble. He regularly saves lives and catches criminals. Hancock is misunderstood, and even though his heroic acts and getting job done he is not having a great fan following. City people hate him for the damages that Hancock makes. And Hancock doesn’t care what the people has opinion about him.

Before we see Hancock in movie, it starts with 3 people who are being chased by LAPD by cars and helicopters. Hancock flies in the sky, picks it up in the air and places the vehicle atop the needle on the Capitol Records building, leaving thousands of dollars of damage. One fateful day Hancock saves Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) from a freight-train collision with his car, but the drunken superhero does this in such a haphazard manner as to cause considerable damage to the subsequently derailed freight cars. Ray teaches Hancock to politely compliment the police whenever the situation merits it. He also supplies him with a very simply-designed costume after other models are rejected by Hancock as being "homo" (that is really funny). Also one of part where he puts head of one of the criminal in the A*S of another buy because he tells him A*SH**E, movie is funny, action packed and a simple, unforgettably simply love story.

After a month in jail as per Ray’s advice, he is summoned by the Chief of Police to help save a female officer who is seriously injured down in a bank robbery shootout. Hancock takes his recent sensitivity training by Ray to say good job and take permissions, not to damage properties, to ridiculous extremes in asking the trapped woman's permission to touch her, saying her its not sexually he is trying to touch here (real funny) but then carries her out of harm's way and neutralizes the gang. However, Red (Eddie Marsan), the leader of the robbers, is holding down a dead man's switch on a detonator and requires a little more finesse. After being called an asshole by Red (a word, Hancock hates) , Hancock defuses the situation by cutting the man's hand at the wrist.

After the operation, Hancock becomes popular, as Embrey had told him. Ray and his wife Mary (Charlize Theron) go out to dinner with Hancock, where he relates how he woke up 80 years earlier with no memories of his former life. Later that night, while Ray sleeps after passing out from drinking too much, Hancock discovers that Mary has super powers as well, when he kisses her. Mary reveals that they are the last two "gods" or "angels" on Earth and have been together off and on for nigh unto 3,000 years. All of the others of their kind have died - when they get too close to each other they become mortal, and this makes them susceptible to aging, injury and death. These immortals were created in pairs and are inevitably drawn towards each other; she has been Hancock's twin flame and spouse for the last three millennium. She left him after he lost his memory following an attack in order to keep him from becoming mortal.

Mary and Hancock have a brief spat over revealing this fact to Ray, inadvertently doing just that in the process. Hancock is later shot twice in the chest when he stops a liquor store robbery. When he is admitted to the hospital, the news media covers it, thus revealing his location. Shortly before this the news had also revealed that Red had orchestrated a jail break during which eight men escaped. Along with two other men, whom Hancock humiliated in a confrontation during his first day in prison, the revenge-driven villain heads to the hospital. Mary is shot while attempting to protect Hancock. Hancock finishes off the henchmen but is severely wounded during the confrontation. Just as Hancock is about to be killed by a one-handed Red, Ray grabs a fire axe and chops the killer's other hand off before killing him with another blow. Mary is saved and Hancock's powers are fully restored in the wake of his discharge from the hospital.

What I liked the best in the movie was a silent message which says, when you love someone it doesn’t mean, you have to be with them... You can love them with all you have.. And still you choose to leave apart for the better of them...

Characters of the movie are as follows,

Will Smith as John Hancock, an alcoholic, down-and-out, incredibly sarcastic superhero. He is invulnerable, does not age, possesses superhuman strength, and can fly at supersonic speeds.

Jason Bateman as Ray Embrey, a corporate public relations consultant whose life Hancock saves.

Charlize Theron as Mary Embrey, Ray's wife(I love her and she is simply amazing).

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