Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A clean Bath of Mumbai

Monday Night and Tuesday Morning was a shower time for Mumbai with all the promises by Mumbai Comissionar, BMC also washed away with them. Rain was too much...a relief from traffic for a day as there was no smoke or line of the vehicles but flow of water on the roads, and people, vehicles waiting for them to be cleared.

What so ever it may be but life of Mumbai Never stopped, people continued to work and people were running as usual. What most thing about Mumbai is it never stops. Floods, Blasts, anything, we will walk, we will run but we will never say die.

I simply love the way people handle the things here... Kudos to all the people...


Anonymous said...

Above all one shouldn't forget that nature is above everyone and none can control it.

Sunil Mandaliya said...

yeah agree, nature is above all and none can control it. But i am sure we all very well know the reasons of the nature going on the extreme ends.