Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Someone Important in my life...

You've always been there for me
And I know you always will be
You're the one who taught me everything
And you've helped me to see

That you're the one who made me
who I am today
By being that special person,
you know no other way

You taught me life's lessons,
About how to be a good friend,
About being honest
And playing till the end

Whenever I had a problem
You were always there
To walk me through it
Or to just tell me that you care

You were always my protector
Around you I felt so safe
No one could harm me
While I could see your face

I've always trusted you
You're the first person to hold my heart
Cause you are in my heart
And we will never part

Im writing this to say
Thank you for being you
For always being there
For always being true

And today's your special day, since i may not be able to say you on this face any day but truely i respect you and i just want to tell you, "Thank You For Everything...."

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