Thursday, January 24, 2008

Visit to Rajiv's weeding continued...

So as a journey is never ended, one or other one carries it on... We did the same.
A shivering cold night and many teas beautiful morning came.... Had a chat with the dadi next birth and she gave a shawl to us. Nice talks with the dada too. They were going to Virpur and from Nasik. They asked me about the Dahanu and how they can reach the Mahalaxmi temple.

On the Vakaner station, bought the news paper and read the story of India winning at Perth. Also read some more, but mind was running out of the window. So kept the paper aside and went back to the door again. Some time spent watching the surroundings and we reached the Rajkot, where cab was waiting for us to take to SavarKundla.

We started the journey from Rajkot, took a break for snacks, got Garam Phaphda and tea... marvelous... On the way to the kundla, nice big lake (??) comes on the way and could not resist my self taking some snaps. Fields of cotton, peanuts, etc around making journey a piece of marvel.

We stopped on the way; I was looking at the beautiful field around and a small hut in between. I thought that I belong to such place and not the place full of the no emotions. A lonely path and a strange world. But here even cab driver seems to be close, a different feeling and warmness. Out there in the world I belong, though I love, I like but yet no one.

We reached Kundla, after such a nice journey, Rajiv was looking like a prince sitting on a horse; band was playing and people dancing. Played garba and it was feeling good. Rajiv's marriage began; Rajiv was looking great in Blue shervani. We talked to Rajiv and then to his dad. We left from there at 2 again and reached Rajkot again feeling the same beauty of heart on the way. Took sweets for office mates and waved bye to the cab. The person who drove was amazing. He took utmost care and we had nice time with him. On the station, an extra ticket with us and no one to accompany us. Took some food for on the way and placed in the train. Got call from strings of heart and had a brief very brief talk as she was just wake up from sleep. She told me she will call back, but I knew she won’t.

In the train, next sit was occupied by an architect who came to meet his daughter in Rajkot and an IPCL person. I talked to Architect uncle for long... about North East where he belonged. His Son, books, his daughter, his friends and his colleagues. It was great conversation with him and I am sure he is someone who knows how to raise the kids.

Anyways, that’s the journey I had from Saturday to Sunday about 1500Kms and on Monday morning reached Dadar at about 6.45 AM. Went home, changed and joined the pace of normal routine to office, leaving behind the memories of a journey, Rajiv's weeding, a quality time with Darshan, architect uncle and missing part of String of heart.

Kudos...And cheers...

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