Monday, November 26, 2007

Saawaria -- A movie to watch or to avoid.

It started with reviews in news papers and people around giving reviews of OSO and Saawaria. Since people have said so much about the OSO and the our dear Shahrukh promoting it nicely, it seems to be running good at many places. Saawaria, being a nice, clean movie with great music, didnt got the footage it should have.

I talked to many of my friends about it and asked many about hows the movie. I told them lets watch it, but instead they went by people review, and said no for it. I told them Music is awesome and it will be enough to pay off for the movie ticket. But none came. Instead they told me, we can buy music then why to spend time watching a movie with Gelatin Paper(its their review).

What ever reivew was, still i went ahead to watch the movie. What i felt? Well its a good movie to watch and i dont mind going back with one of my friend whom i telling since many days for it. I hope my friend agrees for it. Music is awesome. Ranbir rocks. Delivery of dialogues great, sets are marvellous and music is melodious. This movie got a simple romance and come on friends, its movie worth watch. I remember one dialogue from movie, "If you truely love someone then nothing can stop her from coming to you, but if dont, nothing world can keep to you.". I am sure, this movie deserves some nice viewers and comments to it.... SLB, i am sure you made a nice movie. Saawaria rocks, Rani acts and looks pretty.

Nothing to loose in this movie, good love story, music and of perfect length. Saawaria....

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