Monday, September 5, 2011


Human relation? A very complicalted question isn't it? You love someone, someone love someone else and cycle never gets completed. But what i feel what is more important to a relation is not only how your share your physical bond but more important is how you share your communicating bond. Lets say, a person is livin with a girl, kind of livin relation. What we get out of this relation, what bond exist here? Physical? Mental? If those two can share, words more often than the relation they have is most blossing relation of world. I read somewhere that in relation most important factor is how you communicate. Once you get old, wrinkles on face appears, eyes see less, ears listen less, only bond keeps you goin is how well you can understand silence, how well you can share words, n how well you can communicate. If you are able to speak, you have best of the love in your life. A love which speak for itself in words, in silence, a bond which is shared by no boundaries.

Life wasn't the same, when you were not there
Everyone was around but I used to be solitaire
You came;along came all the happiness that set me free
Now I know what I wanted;what was missing in me....

I love you the way you are
Just give me a chance to make a start
I'll be there for you;that's how I see
All I can say, You are the only one for me....

You are miles away, still I love you this way
But I feel you are with me;in my every day
I love you with all my heart;all my sincerity
Don't know what lies ahead, togetherness or disparity....

There are many things in this world which catches your eyes, or you find interst in. But there are very few moments, things or person in life which stays in you, not with you, and those are the person who makes a difference to you. I am not sure who i am or what i am for you but You know, 'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'

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