Thursday, June 19, 2008



A little unshed rain drop
May look too small
somewhere a thirsty flower awaits its floor.

A little unshed word unsaid
May look too small to say
somewhere for that one word
A heart may pray.

It was sent to me by Harsh, I had to search for its author on the net. Pardon if I am wrong, but I guess its written by Allison, Hellen Thomas.
I must say what a commendable work. We see the flowers, tress, and plants around us. Day by day they keep loosing the charm they have, they loose the bright green carpet, the fragrance they have... But just a drop of rain, brings back everything. They are in joy again. Haven’t it makes them forget the wait they have to do it for this rebirth or regain of the beauty they had? Each plant around awaits the rain, and author had made a great work by saying thirsty flower. I don’t know whether ever I can be able to put this in the words or the meaning this poem has, but its really great work.

Life is quite miserable when it doesn't go by the standards you look at. I spent yesterday whole night roaming at the Colaba, Marine Drive, Worli sea face etc and I met a friend of friend. We were discussing about social ties that each of us are or will be bound to. He said, spend a year before you tie your self. I was just thinking on this, and I wondered how does it help. Many of the people spend considerable time to know and to know better. But sometimes you met or you don't meet, it feels like eternity. You spend a quality time together and then as said in the quote "somewhere for that one word A heart may pray."

You pray for the things to go your way, but they never. You come across situations in life when you are screwed up, (like me??? never :) ). You feel you have lost the way but path you want to travel is in front of your eyes but the toll is what you are unable to pay. The toll here the word you want to hear.. if you cant hear that word, you cant travel, because .."... somewhere for that one word A heart may pray ..."

Past 2 days, except yesterday's night were worse. Don't know what to say but they are like cheapest of your life. No value for you, yourself and you cant complain too. You are dieing inside, the hattered is growing and you lie to yourself that things are great. Why it happens when you don't want to do something, yet you have to do it. When you don't want to live, still you have to breathe, when you want to shut your eyes, you wake up.. why??? Just for one thing.."... somewhere for that one word A heart may pray ..."

I don't know how long I will be able to be courageous, how long I will be able to lie to myself, I don't know how long the survival of the fittest will last.. but as long as it last, as long its there... its a hope... for a "UNSHED WORD"... its only till that day because then it doesn't make a difference....

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Harsha said...

This is good... But you shud write more on this beautiful QUOTE..