Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sometimes the greatest journey is distance between two hearts....

Recently I was alone at home and thought to watch the movie,"U Me aur HUM".

Review : A typical bollywood types of movie and got great performance by Ajay and Kajol, needless to mention the duo, looks great and steals the show. Ajay is doctor and is on cruze, with bunch of friends. He crosses his path with the Kajol and its like love at first site. Movie moves on, he learns salsa, gives her liquor chocolates and while lilies. Romantic?? hmm... romance starts after it, Kajol moves goes away and comes back after 2 months and they are happily married (???). There comes kahani mein twist, it is discovered that 28 year old has Alzheimer disease happen to only 2 in thousand (I also forget things and hope I am not second one) in this age. In between Pia (kajol) also become pregnant and give birth to baby boy under complications.

The domestic situation of the happy couple becomes difficult following a major incident caused due to Piya's disease where the couple's son is almost killed. Ajay reluctantly decides to place Piya in special care. Though Piya is unaware of her surroundings in the beginning, there happen to be times when she seems to be normal and remembers everything.

So what I liked about this movie, the opening catch like, "Sometimes the greatest journey is distance between two hearts...". We know a lot many people and spend time with many, but how many actually, yes ACTUALLY we know. I had a fortunate incident of having a chance to go on journey between my heart to her heart. I knew her for so long and yet I didn't knew that she can love me. I loved her and waited patiently and thought I will wait for love to grow in her. What a philosophical thought. Let me tell you, this is all wrong. NEVER WAIT. If you know you love her and make her smile, happy, go for it. Love is the only thing that will melt when you are in arms of one. It will show you path. And it doesn't make if you are committed, or hanged to social ties but do what you feel like. Love what you most.

So after waiting for long, and I was dishearten and felt, she doesn't love me. But No, love was grown and only problem was I was blind enough to not to read it in her eyes. I curse my self for that and I know what I have lost. I travelled a journey of love between my heart and her heart today, and we discovered a love, which was pure and with no demands. With no conditions. As its said in the movie,"U Me aur HUM", there are some bonus days and today was my bonus day. As I am reborn, I know I am also loved and I know someone cries for me.

I just have one wish, to go on cruise with her and a cruise where I can make her a princess. Will you join me???

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